Would you like to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and transform your business to capture digitalization benefits?


Venturit AI Labs can help to meet your AI goals.​ We have a team of AI and Machine Learning experts who are certified and will work with you and your team to identify how you can bring AI to improve productivity or make recommendations.


The team is currently working on many AI projects. Here are some interesting ones in production.

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With Avidhrt, we trained an AI model to detect the presence of cardiac arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia, and sinus rhythm, with a precision of 98%.

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At Photosynq we help develop complex multi-variance models and methods that can predict phenotype, such as yield, using Genotype, Environment, and Genotype's environment interaction. Predicting phenotype is a complex phenomenon, but with PhotosynQ, we can collect high-resolution data to make more accurate predictions.

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We developed an AI recommendation model to match open shifts with nurses where they are more likely to get accepted using the Matrix factorization technique

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We are developing AI-driven language tools for GlobalLT to help talents build mini-lessons and pop-up quizzes in their lesson plans. The tools include Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Translation, and Transcription of pre-recorded video and audio and live video and audio.

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We are working with Professor Sinem Mollaoglu at the School of Planning, Design, & Construction at Michigan State University to develop an AI-driven decision platform to clear bottlenecks in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction project teams.



We're currently doing research on:

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Covid-19 data analytics and risk score prediction

Building Machine learning solutions on the MIT Research dataset, which extracts important insights for various demographics, symptoms, pre-health condition and predicts Risk score.

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Breast Cancer detection using Radio Imaging Data

Implementing binary and multiclass radio imaging classification algorithms using Transfer learning. Perming comparative analysis of 3 state of art transfer learning algorithms on breast cancer dataset to improve the breast cancer detection procedure. 

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Applying AI to make women’s health better

Building an all-encompassing app that takes the whole body into account and how it changes throughout the monthly cycle. Adira provides a platform for women to voice their concerns and monitor their body to allow for more clarity and control in regards to their health. 

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Helping organizations formulate their business decisions through sales forecasts

We used 5.4 years of hierarchical sales data from Walmart with the unit sales of 3,049 products, classified in 3 categories and 7 departments. We did comparative analysis using Neural Network, LSTM and Xgboost where LSTM out performed with best point forecast for next 28 days.


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