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Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the cause of most deadly strokes and the most common complication after heart surgery. People who are at risk of AFib need to monitor their ECG and pulse regularly. Arrhythmias like AFib can only be detected if the arrhythmia is recorded using an ECG. And, since AFib is asymptomatic an ECG taken at the doctor's office may not show signs of AFib. Having a device in the palm of your hand is key to monitoring and early detection. 


Avidhrt offers an affordable and highly accurate vital monitoring device powered with Machine Learning. Detecting deadly arrhythmias like AFib and delivering those results via cutting-edge IoT solutions to advance on-demand remote cardiac monitoring is the key to Avidhrt's success. 


Venturit invented and developed the patent-pending handheld cardiac monitoring device powered by IoT. Avidhrt uses a unique state-of-the-art design to capture highly accurate ECG, pulse oximetry, body temperature, and ambient temperature in seconds. Analysis of the data uses a Machine Learning algorithm to detect arrhythmias like AFib and other abnormalities. The IoT architecture allows cloud-based analysis and remote monitoring by Avidhrt’s on-demand clinicians.


Python, Flask, iOS, Android, Keras, Tensorflow Machine Learning


Healthcare, iOS, Android, Cloud Hosting, Bluetooth, Responsive, Mobile App, Analytics, Engineering, Design, Development

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