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Gamifying the College Experience



Campus Ties is gamified science learning for college and college-bound students.


In a mobile-driven platform learners work with bite-sized lessons created by trusted experts, connect with others, and discover new opportunities. Campus Ties has built-in assessments and upon completion of courses learners receive micro-certificates that can be displayed in their portfolios.


Venturit invented it and Venturit developed the application from ground up. We interviewed current college students and high schoolers and came up with a mobile-centric gamified learning platform. It’s based on cognitive science and how smaller chunks of interconnected knowledge can make learning more effective and how gaming can make it more engaging. The platform is modularized and is designed to support learning in other domains and do corporate training.


Ruby on Rails, Solr, Apache


Cloud Hosting, Education, Gamification, Analytics, Media Manager, API

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