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Global LT is a platform that gives you multiple language-based solutions from a single source. That means you will have a single point of contact for all services, saving your time and frustration. Global LT also focuses on Destination Training services for challenges faced by an individual for living abroad and working abroad.

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Ruby on Rails

Student Web App

  • Student is the one who requests for the training services.

  • Students belong to any age group who are interested in taking the Language & Destination training services.

  • Students registers with Global LT, completes the questionnaire & submit the thoughts about their interests & requirements

  • On the basis of which a Talent is assigned that gives language & destination training services to them using the Global LT app.

Admin Web App 

  • Admin is the head member who has access to everything from adding & reviewing content types like Pathways, Lessons, Resources , Articles to managing sessions.

  • Admin also has the ability to manage users, add different educational categories, Knowledge Base, FAQs, GLT events accessible to all using the Global LT app.

Talent Web App

  • Talent is basically a Teacher who uses the Global LT or Rosetta Stone content to give language & destination training services to students.

  • Talent achieves this by scheduling a F2F or a virtual session using the Global LT app for students to share & transfer knowledge, giving training & services.


Instructional Designer Web App​

  • Acts as a content creator in Global LT who creates content & submits for review to either Admin & Publisher

Publisher Web App

  • Parent user who also focuses on creating, managing & reviewing content submitted by Instructional Designer

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