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Peer to Peer Learning


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It takes a broad community of faculty, teaching assistants, instructional designers, academic advisors, and more to ensure learning is taking place across a university campus. On such a large scale, it can be difficult to fully recognize and leverage the community’s teaching and learning innovations.


The #iTeachMSU platform provides an educator-driven space for sharing teaching resources, connecting across educator networks, and growing teaching practice. Content may be discipline-specific or transdisciplinary, but remains anchored in core teaching competency areas.


Through a collection of blog posts, curated playlists, educator learning module pathways, and campus-wide teaching and learning events calendars, those responsible for education can collaborate. Through continued user engagement, the iTeach platform can nurture a culture of teaching and learning across campus.


Ruby, Postgres, React, Redis, Java, C++, AngularJS., Twilio


Education, Social, Analytics

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