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Know Your Crops



Currently 20-40% of all crop yield is lost due to diseases, incorrect water usage and crop mismanagement. Detecting and predicting these causes early can save millions of dollars as most preventative and corrective measures take years to implement.


The PhotosynQ AI platform combines data from our handheld MultispeQ device along with phenotypic, and genotypic data to predict the yield, productivity and status of crops, soils and farms. Through diagnosis of specific limitations (fertilizer, nutrients, water, etc.) and diseases, the platform can Identify genetics for improved varieties helping farmers produce more yield from less arable land increasing the speed of crop improvement.


By harnessing the power of the PhotosynQ AI cloud platform and the MultispeQ handheld device, which analyzes more than 14 distinct parameters revealing how plants store energy, grow and protect themselves, PhotosynQ is the most advanced Phenotyping, disease detection and yield prediction IoT solution in the AgTech market.


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