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10 recommendations to make your app look cutting edge! (Part 2)

Designers with tools on their hands: Pencil, Laptop, Illustrator Vector Tool

In last week's post, we walked through 6 out of 10 recommendations to consider for enhancing your app and have it stand out. Here are some more tips to achieve that cutting edge look.

7. Build a UI Kit for your application before you start designing the interfaces:

If you are a UI designer, you have most likely heard the term UI kit, design inventory, pattern library, etc. on several occasions. It can be called many names from time to time, depending on where you learned about it, but in the end, they are all the same concept. A UI Kit is a collection of all the elements that make up the user interface of a product. An example of this is the set of buttons, controls, checkboxes, forms, galleries, and other slightly more complex components that a UI needs. (If you are not so familiar with these concepts, we recommend reading our post on atomic design and design systems. It will help you understand better, and in less than 5 minutes, you will learn about this methodology).

Ok, back to the topic of the UI kit, at Venturit, we use this a lot since having the collection of elements of your interface, your work will significantly facilitate your process. Most importantly, your application will look consistent, uniform, with style, and defined personality because all its components will belong to the same kit.

Here are some examples of UI kit (you can download them, they are free 😉)

8. Always keep track of current design trends:

Just as seasons change so does the fashion industry, every year the design trends change as well, this depends on what the major league brands and companies claim as relevant and renew in their interfaces. The most recognized brands will always be eye-catching to the users; for that reason, as designers, we must always try to make our apps look just as fresh, modern, and professional. (but never copy)You might be wondering where these design trends are published, where you find them, and who informs you.

The truth is that there is no official site or repository where you can find this centralized information. So, our recommendation is to read a lot, take a daily refer at sites like Dribbble or Behance, and consult rankings of design trends. To end off, here is a video we found interesting this summarizes 10 super marked design trends in 2020 (this will give you a better idea).

9. Design using mirroring apps:

One of our most important recommendations. It is about using a tool that will help you visualize your UI design in real-time on the devices it will use. This will help you validate the size of the fonts, their readability, color contrasts, image resolution, icon size, placeholders, and sensitive areas. Having everything verified and checked, you will be sure that your interface will be usable, it will adapt perfectly on mobile devices and visually super successful.

These apps can be paid or free, at Venturit we use:

  • Sketch Mirror: A free app that you can download from the app store directly on your Apple devices.

  • Adobe XD Preview: If you design using XD here this completely free adobe app that you can download from the app store.

10. Always remember that less is more:

It is ubiquitous that sometimes, to make our designs look visually attractive and capture the attention of users, we can get excited and add unnecessary elements to our design. Colors that do not apply, unnecessary illustrations, or complex interactions that in the end, will saturate our product and result in having a negative effect on your users. Choose well what is necessary to include and what is not so important. What is vital and what can be omitted, and you will surely find the perfect balance.

So please always remember to design with this word on your mind:

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid! 😜

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