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Why Is Python So Popular?

What is Python?

Python is one of the go-to language choices or even the best for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Language projects. In a fast-paced world, programming has shifted; instead of having traditional programming methods, most of the growing IT companies prefer Python to provide most of the business solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language Projects.

Python was invented in the late 1980s by Guido van Rossum and was first released in 1991. Its name is inspired by the famous British comedy group Monty Python since van Rossum was reading the published scripts from "Monty Python's Flying Circus" and wanted a short, unique, and slightly mysterious name for his programming language.

This language's beauty shines through its proper grammar and syntax, while internally, it's full of complex coding logic. The simple nature of the language attracts both startups and huge industry giants to build elaborate AI projects.

Here are some of Python's significant features that make it one of the most popular languages for AI:

1.Prebuilt Enriched Libraries:

Python has thousands of libraries that a developer can easily use to make the process of reiteration remarkably efficient. They only have to pick up a correct library following the projects' specific requirements. Instead of writing the new codes, developers directly use the built-in libraries, saving a lot of time on development and quality assurance.

2.Open Source Platform with Extensive Support:

Python is very popular due to its open-source platform. An enthusiastic community of experts and professionals helps others by creating different blogs and programing groups to support and aid other projects. For any coder that is beginning their journey, it is easy and free to sign up to these community blog sites and get runtime help from experienced professionals. The community also provides a set of predefined codes for frequently used programming logic.

3.High Efficiency with Less Code:

In Python, developers can write the same logic with less code as compared to other programming languages. Python streamlines the overall process of writing and executing code while allowing an interpreted approach to verify it.

4.Platform Independent:

Phyton can easily work on multiple platforms by tweaking and making minor changes to run it on different OS like android, web, IOS, etc. This saves a lot of time for programmers that otherwise might spend more on testing apps on different platforms.

5.Highly Flexible Platform:

Python is highly flexible and allows developers to choose between OOPs and scripting approaches together. Python is the best language for linking data structures together.

6. What if you're into functional programming?

Python also has support for functional programming. You can use maps, filters, and reducers; you can write generators, higher-order functions, decorators, monads, and more. Everything you need is there. Even better, what if you mix functional and OOP a little bit? Well, you can do so in Python. It is a general-purpose language, and with its English-like syntax is a perfect opportunity to start with functional programming if you haven't already.


Python is here to stay. Features like Simplicity, Library Support, Versatility, etc., have made it extensively popular.

At Venturit, we have a world-class team of AI developers and ten years of experience helping teams from StartUps to 500 Companies providing vibrant solutions for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects worldwide. We use Python and many other prime programming languages to create dynamic applications while fulfilling the requirements envisioned by our clients.

We work with passionate clients with challenging ideas; we believe in creating long-term partnerships to drive successful product delivery. So if you have a project in mind you want to develop, we are the right team. Contact us for a free consultation.


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