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Essentials You Must Have When Developing Android Apps

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This is how you build an Android App in 2021

Android apps have come a long way, these days, anyone can create an app, but only a few become successful and profitable. Despite having great potential, many apps have failed to gain popularity due to a lack of simple mobile app standards. When creating an app, both new and experienced app developers need careful guidance.

Setting Up Android Studio

The first phase in app creation is to set up an SDK (Software Development Kit) and install an IDE (integrated development environment). Users are increasingly turning to the Android studio because it is straightforward to use and master, with features like Instant App Run, Intelligence Code Editor, Colour Previews, XML file previews, etc.

Know Android programming and coding languages

Knowledge of Java/Kotlin and XML is needed to create an Android app. Kotlin has become the industry's preferred language for Android development. Although it cannot claim to have surpassed Java in popularity, many developers believe Kotlin will soon overtake Java as the most successful platform for Android development.

When it comes to usability, Kotlin has a range of Java-compatible tools and frameworks. Its advanced compiler can also search for errors at both compile and run times. It also dramatically reduces the number of lines of code. Since the release of Android Studio 3.0 in October 2017, Google has officially supported Kotlin for mobile development on Android.

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Make use of appropriate libraries.

For both beginners and professionals, libraries are an essential part of the software development process. You can utilize many third-party libraries in your app's source code, as repeating the same source code is ill-advisable. To avoid making this mistake, every dedicated Android app developer incorporates libraries that improve functionality and integrate cutting-edge technology into their applications. Each library has a different purpose, which you should remember before using it. Choose experienced and skilled app developers to design your app if you're outsourcing an android app.

An organized code

Even though every app developer has their unique style when coding, anybody in the team should be capable of reading the code you build to maintain it and fix bugs faster. When developing your app, follow the Android coding standards and guidelines and have daily standups with your team so everybody can be on the same page in the project and build consistency in the code.

Build an attractive app design

Creating a popular application demands good UX/UI design. Usually, users can judge the quality of your application within the first 30 seconds of making use of it. If you haven't thought about the user experience your app will bring and overall design trends happening at the moment, your product will probably fail.

Use solid, linear icons that justify your theme and branding to make your application attractive. On top of that, think carefully about the images and colors you will use and how they interact with Accessibility standards.

Your application will be useless if it does not have good navigation for users. It should have the right call-to-action buttons, links, and a menu with attractive icons in strategic places.

UX/UI Designer building a digital product

Android Software development tools

There are many tools like Android studio, Genymotion, Gradle, LeakCanary, App icon, etc., that will help you through the process of building your digital product. Then there are testing and debugging tools for simulating devices and usage for your app like Android Debug Bridge, Logcat, etc., which can facilitate resolving potential bugs and errors within your application. You need to also maintain a high-quality checklist and run beta tests before submitting your application for worldwide publication on Google Play.

Google Play submission

The final step of development is submitting and publishing your app on Google Play. Once you've published your application, there is no way of reversing the process. So choose wisely a scheduled time, category, content rating for your product, countries in which the app will be distributed in, and price (if applicable) of your application. These attributes are the core values that will determine the level of exposure and success on Google Play.

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Is that the end of it?

Building and launching a digital product is never the end of the chapter. Apps or Softwares require constant maintenance, so they get updated and improved to stay relevant and attractive over time.

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