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How AI is helping combat COVID-19

Countries around the world are collecting all resources to fight COVID-19. Tech companies and start-ups from the healthcare sector have pushed their technologies further to accelerate innovation and solve many of the problems we're facing during these unprecedented times.

Three people prepared for covid with soap, masks and alcohol

In recent times, technologies like IoT and AI can help identify high-risk patients, predict mortality rate, control the infection in real-time, and even track the virus's spread. They can also minimize the need for physical human interaction and stop the spread of viruses while assisting for a speedy recovery.

How AI can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic:

COVID Cases prediction:

AI can predict the count of cases in a country based on different protective measures. This way, governments can plan ahead and stock on the required ventilators, beds; and call in doctors needed. One example of the AI's impact is how the Canadian company BlueDot detected a SARS-like disease outbreak in December 2019, thanks to its algorithm. At the same time, BlueDot predicted the spread of the virus on other cities in the upcoming days.

two people predicting covid cases in a computer

Risk Prediction:

With the continuous shortage of ventilators and hospital beds worldwide, it is difficult to treat every COVID patient in the same way. AI has the advantage of presenting data to doctors of the patient's risk score based on the symptoms and previous health conditions. Doctors can then decide which patients to be treated at the hospital vs. home.

illustration of two doctos predicting risks in a computer

COVID-19 in CT Scans:

CT scans now have the advantage of predicting whether a person is COVID positive based on an analysis of the lungs state. For example how is working with its AI-based chest x-ray system and radiologists worldwide to detect lung abnormalities associated with COVID-19 symptoms, reducing timeframes of diagnosis exponentially.

Robotics and AI:

Robots can help doctors and nurses in the treatment of patients at the hospitals. Currently, hospitals work with ultraviolet cleaning machines to help with the shortage of staff due to the pandemic. Furthermore, smaller and domestic robots can be distributed across patients' homes for personal therapy and have access to real-time monitoring.

A man working from home and his friendly robot helper bringing him coffee

AI-Based Sanitization:

AI can help establish sanitary measures when entering a building, follow temperature changes, and activate aerosol-based sanitizers to sterilize workspaces.

Coworkers with masks on

AI-Based medical devices:

Ever since the social distancing started during the pandemic, it has become vital to build a space for telemedicine and consultations. Devices like Avidhrt can help with mobile diagnosis, prevention, and early detection. The Avidhrt Sense is a mobile, clinical-quality electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximeter (SpO2), and an infrared temperature sensor. With Avidhrt, you can monitor your heart anywhere, any time, and even share that data with your physician.

illustration of researchers looking at avidhrt device

Educational AI for Covid-19 Prevention and Research:

CORD-19 Search is a Machine Learning model that uses NLP, which has been trained on various research papers to answer questions related to COVID-19. On other news, Google DeepMind has introduced AlphaFold, a system that predicts proteins' 3D structures. The result: In March, DeepMind released protein structure predictions of several under-studied proteins associated with SARS-CoV-2 giving an advantage to the research community for better understanding the virus.

AWS Cord 19 search

During these times of uncertainty, we can be certain that Technology and AI are helping automate processes, find more straightforward and faster solutions, and even keep us connected during social distancing. We will hopefully soon sail over these challenging times.

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